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To Sir Goulum:

Yes Ian Flemming was great writer, only read two books, but
usually I don't like movies better than books, now I do.

There's nothing wrong about Ian's storytelling, but movies were better than books. That might me cause director of the movie and other important movie persons. Nowdays when technology is so much advanced, compared to old good Connery 007 days, it takes bigger part in movie.
That's why I can say, when those old movies are better or at least as good as newest Bonds, film crew where more skilled than now.
In newest Bonds there's so much details and effects that are made by computer, but it still can't beat old goodies.

That's why I can say new Bond Pierce and others can't create same emotion what was in early films without digital effects.

But this is only my oppinion, and want to hear yours...
( Sorry my bad english skill... Hey ! I'm only from Finland ! )
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