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It was...ok, but there was lots of things that could have been improved.

I really enjoyed the action, and the torture that Bond went through. More blood from him in this movie than in any of the others combined! But the fact that Bond could get away from 1 small army, and not from another, was...wierd. I'm refferring to the beginning, when he got captured.
I enjoyed the fact that his OO status got revoked, but then when they needed him, they reinstated it. Just pick one and leave it already! [img]tongue.gif[/img] And how on earth could he fake cardiac arrest? That was just...impossible. And then, how easily he escaped! *sigh* And all the quirky little *jokes* like 'Saved By the Bell' and 'I'm getting the point of it' were just...annoying after a while. The theme song, with the techno-pop just sucked! Overall, I'd give it 6/10. This just wasn't the best James Bond....
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