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Well I completed the game a couple of days ago. I'm now working on a couple more characters and pvping all the time.

The pvp here is way better than in WoW in my opinion. It's instant and fast paced, but playing a monk I need to rant a little.

I so hate it when people get wounded and start running away from the ennemy and in the process from ME too. How am I supposed to keep them alive. Run TOWARD me.

Stop going off alone dammit! Play as a group, it piss me off when I spend all my time trying to survive the 3 warriors running after me and keeping the group alive, but their team is all at 50% because either my team is switching target mid fight or just not calling their attacks.

Bring a damned rez sig. I've lost more games because the guys couldn't rez than for any other reason. We'll be winning, someone will get lucky and down me and the idiots on my team won't be able to rez me and will get killed.

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