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Originally posted by Bozos of Bones:
Candy Cane will remove ALL of your Death Penalty(that pesky thing that goes up to 60%) when used. I sticked myself on some so I can use them on guild outings in the difficult areas like Underworld and the Fissure of Woe.
If you still have eggnog, I can give you some spiked, drink the spiked then the normal one, then turn off your hud(ctrl+shift+h) and see if it reminds you of something.
Oh, and if you ever need help with anything, whisp me, I now have 3 characters that have completed the game and one that is on the second-to-last mission. Main char is Bozos Of Bones.
Your region is America, right?
Yes I'm in America. I drank the eggnog I had. Right now I hit 12 and ran up to Yak to see if there were any new armors, now I'm trying to saved up enough materials to buy stuff.
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