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The Story of the Peasants

A while back, I played a peasant game of Might and Magic. It's referred to as a peasant game because your initial characters start with absolutely nothing -- no stats, no skills, no equipment, no money, no hope.

I used the W&W Roster Editor to create a peasant party, just to see how it would play. If anyone wants the original peasant party, PM me and I'll send it over.

It was... different. Far beyond just being harder, it actually changed the scope of the game. The peasants' adventures are documented below... feel free to glimpse the hardest W&W game I have played yet...

Peasant game... round 1...
Peasants... round 2
Peasants... third time's a charm
Peasants... FORE!
A fifth of peasantry
Peasant six-pack
Seven peasant stud...
Table for eight peasants
Nein, peasants!
Bowling for peasants... ten of 'em!
Eleven peasants on the field...
A dozen peasants to go, please...
Make that a baker's dozen of peasants, please...
Two weaks of peasants
Fifteen peasants on a dead man's chest
Foursquare peasants
NC-17 peasants
Playing 18 peasants at the Royal & Ancient
Peasants on the 19th hole!
A score of peasants
Peasant Blackjack
22 Peasants on the field
Twenty three peasants... and counting!
Two dozen peasants with cream cheese
No quarter for peasants
The Peasant Alphabet... in English...
A Perfect Cube of Peasants
A Peasant Tragedy
What of the Peasants?
Excuse me...
On the road to Brimloch Roon
He looked over the cold stone slab, and wept
A tricontagon's worth of peasants
Peasants in Section 31!!!
Frozen peasants (Farenheit)
Arsenic and old peasants
Mikka Kiprusoff meets the peasants
Peasants on bromine
Six square peasants
The Peasants Join Spinal Tap
.38 caliber peasants
And so it came to pass...

That's all. The journey of the peasants is complete, and I hope it's been informative. 'Twas quite the challenge, in many ways, and was far more daunting than I ever would have expected.

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