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Hmmm... well I'm not sure what you should choose since my experience with both is fairly limited although both of them are very interesting to me right now. Let's put it this way.

Sorcerors are the ultimate in magical power. They have no equals. A sorceror has the spell you want when you want it (no more, "Aw, crap! Forgot to memorize my new spells and now I'm dead!") They have slightly less spells than the standard mage but I've found that there are only 2 or 3 a level that you really use a lot. If you want magical power, you've got it. And then, there IS Melf's Minute Meteors....

Fighter/Mages are the best of both worlds. They can get up close and take or they can hang back as mages who handle themselves VERY well when the fight comes to them. They hack-and-slash, they blast opponents. They have very interesting possibilities. They don't have overwhelming power in either ability though, due to the slower advancement.

Sorceror's can't handle a fight close-up, but will you really need to. Fighter/Mages handle almost any situation (especially once they get Elven Chainmail ). Sorcerors are very specialized, powerful characters. Fighter/Mages are more well-rounded and still powerful, but they advance half as fast.

I think either class would be a good choice, however, I would recommend Fighter/Mage so you can get to use some of the more interesting pieces of equipment that you may miss out on if you played a sorceror. Play the sorceror another time through. OR just start a multiplayer game with BOTH of them.

I hope I didn't just confuse you

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