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Default Re: A Few Gameplay Questions

Companions that are not on your team will wait at party camp. In some areas you can change your party configuration (usually outside), otherwise you have to go back to camp to add/remove companions. The only exception is if you have specifically told a companion you don't want them around anymore or they leave for a plot-related reason (only relevant for a couple of characters near the end).

I think most recipes are bought, possibly a couple are given to you from people but I can't recall ever finding a recipe anywhere.

You can go to camp after you leave Lothering. When you leave an area and are at the map screen to pick where you want to go, in the top right (I think?) corner is a campfire picture - that is camp, click on it as you would other map areas you want to travel to. You can go there anytime and there is no travel from whereever you are.
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