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Could be partial spoiler maybe..



Too much stuff? Party dragging their packs around on the ground, your mage can barely lift her spellbook and everyone goes slo-mo in combat? Try storing your stuff in Arnika..

Since no one on Dominus *ever* sleeps, I use the chest in Antone's bedroom. My mage set a portal there, so whenever my load gets too heavy I have my priest make a temp portal in my current location and return to Arnika. That way I can rest safely, sell all the heavy stuff I don't need to Tony, get a few more spike stones and shrike arrows from the shops, and put the good stuff I *might* need later plus all the gadgets into the chest. So far it's taken mounds of items (almost as good as the weightless scroll inventory in Stonekeep!) heh heh. Also, since Arnika seems to be the center on Dominus, and the portals to both the Umpani Base Camp (24 hour duty, Sir!) and the T'Rang base are just up and down the road, it's mighty convenient too.

(Thanks, Dan [img]smile.gif[/img] )

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