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Default Re: All Hakpaks in 3 files now - Easy to Download!

Yeah, I'm going ahead and uploading them to NWN Vault--I still have the FTP info he emailed me.. just wanted to wait for the PR screens and info ready before I did it, but no biggie.. I'll be doing an article on the Massive hak with NWN Vault soon, just haven't had time, as ya know.. Real life stuff.. But I'm back at it!

Check out the Christmas stuff in EFU! I decked out the Tavern and stuff--gonna have some Holiday quests and such... BTW, there is NO reindeer in NWN! (At least, I didn't see one!) Will add that to my next patch coming up--which is soon, and will add the first fully created tileset by myself--based off of Eye of the Beholder 1's wall designs. (I'll be adding MANY more varations though...but the 'look and feel' will remain exact.) Kind of an ole to the game.. and the Waterdeep Sewers ARE part of Undermountain, eh?
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