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A noble cause, wyvern! Are you a member of S.P.C.A?

My main site , The Seastop , has a little bit of Enchinoderm information.. I'm hoping to make it a, comprehensive, online repository for Phylum Echinodermata.. so, the next time you wake up, late at night, with your bed on fire, and think "Hmm.. I'm suddenly strangely curious about the life cycle of the purple sea urchin" you know where to go.

Oh, and I'm starting to get another thought.. if we can snag 1 more person (after Lily submits) we could write a story together.. each of us writing one segment, as "our character".. then, it's passed off to the next person, who takes it and runs with it.. and whatever strange neuroses or foibles he introduces to your character, the next person has to take it and run with it.. So if someone gives you a phobia of cheese and an unhealthy fascination with woodchips, the next person in line has to develop that.

Could be evil.. could be fun! mwuhahaa!
Oh, did you get a chance to check out the storyboard? I posted there. Also, the author map.. did that work for you?
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