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Lord Ao

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Main Character
PC Number 1
Player Logon:
Crimson of Ironworks
Human Chaotic Evil
Fighter------- 7
Blackguard---- 10
Wizard-------- 1

Comments and Background:

Once a respected Paladin and Commander of the Guard in Ahm.
One day he met a young woman and was persuaded to join her and three
friends on a trek to the city of splender (waterdeep) to rescue her two
brothers from a crazy Wizard going by the name of Halaster.
It took three years to find her brothers and by then two of the knights
that started with then and one of her brothers were dead and the other
brother had become totaly mad from Halasters trickery. The young woman
pleaded with Crimson and the last remaining knight that started with
them to hunt down this wizard and distroy him to avenge her brothers
and they agreed.

Crimson had tried everything to locate Halaster in the years since the
rescue with no luck. During this time he was accused of murder and was
removed from the order of Paladins when Xanathar's an Eye Tyrant and
unoffical leader of the thieves guild in Waterdeep had the remaining
knight from his party killed with Crimsons own well known Bastard sword.

Ever since Crimson has been unable to make the nobels of waterdeep believe
him inocent so, just to stay alive himself he has become more and more
evil killing everything and everybody he met in the caves and tunnels of
Undermountain. That is until a little over three years ago when he had
been battered and beaten and left for dead by a half dozen of Xanathar's
quild guards and then later found by a small group from a secret cult calling
themselves Knights of Ironworks.

Now even though he is still considered to be quit evil the knights of
Ironworks have invited him to join them in their search for Halaster and
the many treasures of Undermountain. so began the alliance with many
new friends from all walks of life and death and together he hopes to
fulfill his guest and destroy the mad Wizard before the wizard destroys him.

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