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Default Re: NWN 2 Expansion: Storm of Zehir

I was lucky enough to get an early review copy of the game on the 13th of November and have been playing it since.

There are a couple of nasty bugs in the game though - one related to the trading system, one with a series of related quests and a couple of others.

The trading system one is the most serious but NONE of them are game breakers.

The game is very heavy on exploration and if you did not like the feel of the create your own party in IWD or IWD2 you may not like SoZ.

The use of skills in the game is great. Now your skills are worth a lot more than in other titles and have uses beyond what you might expect when it comes to exploring the overland map.

The trading system, despite the bug, is pretty cool as well.

And they've revamped the crafting system (yes, AGAIN!). It strikes a good balance between item power and character level so you can craft decent items but not the over the top game balance killers that you could in MotB. It has a lot of flexibility as well.

Anyway check out the FAQ and some of the related content on the site.

As far as I know Storm of Zehir hasn't been bundled with the OC or MotB yet.
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