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Originally posted by Vaskez:Some of the crazy bastards who I went with want to actually go to the peak of Mont Blanc next summer....they're not montaineers but supposedly you can actually walk up to the peak on one face of the mountain at least. Although 60 people a year die on Mont Blanc, I don't fancy my chances Nah, seriously, I might go, it would be amazing to go to the peak of the highest mountain in Europe and without any mountaineering training....heh I spoke to one guy who did it in trainers! Although he did have crampons and also an ice-axe is recommmended. Of course my mum doesn't want me to go, but going to the peak of Mont Blanc is very tempting.
Hey man, if you have the opportunity you might as well do it. And hey, if you don't make it back then at least you get to die in a more interesting way than what most people get. An old-aged cardiac seizure just doesn't have any glory y'know. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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