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Originally posted by Albromor:
Hey, Nerull, how did you become an Eagles fan all the way down in San Antonia, Texas?
I live in San Antonio now, but moved here when I was 16. I'm originally from Trenton, N.J., which is so close to Philly that they were essentially our local stations (so we would get Philadelphia news, etc.). So I grew up with the Eagles on TV. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Ok, now I'm really ticked off. I was really looking forward to the games today, but then Time Warner Cable had to just tick me off. They did some "work" on the local area and ended up pretty much knocking out my cable. We called them, and they stated that they will not fix it until January 31st. I can't even get the local stations, and the reception where I live is so bad that I can't tune them with a regular antenna. So I'm stuck going to a bar to watch the damn games! [img]graemlins/1pissed.gif[/img]
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