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Originally posted by Dundee Slaytern:
We could argue until the cows come home on whether the Firetooth dagger should be nerfed, but that should be under a seperate mod for game balance. It will not fall under the realm of bugfixing.
Consider a change that breaks Firetooth into 2 items, with the user able to switch back & forth between them, a la the "2-Handed Katanas and Bastard Swords" tweak. The Thrown version of Firetooth would be unusable by Kensai and Cavaliers, just like Darts are. Would you call this a tweak or a bugfix?

(Damn. Just looked them up, and saw that all Throwing Daggers are usable by Cavaliers and Kensai, even though Darts are not. Anybody want to explain this?)
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