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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

As some of you remember, I'm Beaumanior's brother. So obviously I play same server opposite side.

Bloodscalp EU.

Ultemicia - Level 70 Undead Affliction Warlock (42/0/19). 11k+ shadow damage raid buffed (not inc. other players buffs). 1k unbuffed. Currently raiding SSC, although not got Lurker down yet. Building up DKP for the remaining T4 drops. And Voidheart Crown just will not drop for me. But getting there. Got all of kara on farm, and maggy and gruul. But Lurker will just not go down...yet.

Bolajin - Level 19 Troll Rogue, Bloodscalp EU

Lavindathar - Level 20 Blood Elf Paladin, Bloodscalp EU

Ruetan - Level 10 Tauren Druid, Bloodscalp EU

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