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Absynthe, that was a was not intended as a serious post. However, when an individual goes out of their way to incite a particular type of reaction they do indeed deserve ragging. Sorry we disagree on this point.

See, if I were to post something like ohhh "George Bush is the bestest President in the world and anyone who doesn't agree with me is a total *&*&&^%&*&" then yes I would indeed deserve much ragging.

(Not the wholle post was a joke) and making observations about peoples posts is 9/10 of what goes on in forums. If you make an assinine comment, you should expect to be called an ass....there are ways to make a point with out being obnoxious and the "gentleman" decided not to take that path so I returned in kind.
Disintigration is easy, If you really want to impress me, ReIntegrate it.

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