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Originally posted by Jafin:
Hey Grand-Ranger! I'm rather impressed with Bush right now. He seems to be doing a good job of handling this.

If we go to war with Afghanistan, chances are, all of our allies will join in, basically meaning all of NATO. I don't think Afghanistan could really stand up to a determined assault by that kind of force.

Personally, right now I think war with Afghanistan is VERY likely. Our whole stance and Bush's speech basically made that very clear. He said "...and those who harbor them." Well, that kind of points directly at Afghanistan and Bin Laden. I'm not absolutely sure what I think of who did this at this point though. I really don't want to guess without any hard evidence supporting it.


I just hope Mr. Bush gets good advice as the consequences of his actions will be far reaching. Also if war is declared of Afghanistan, it is worth remembering that this country wasn't beaten by the largest empire in the late 20th century, the USSR. I sincerely hope war is avoided... as someone has on their sig

"war is not about who is right...but who is left"

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