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Originally posted by nick1979:
Luther you are a joke. This is a great time for America bashers like you to come out.

Hmmmm, I remember something about in the registration about not 'bashing' individual members of the forum, maybe I'm wrong there, who knows.
And you're right, it is a great time for America-Bashers. I don't hate America, they do some nice things around the world. Thomas Jefferson had some great ideas. I don't like foreign intervention though. As tiring as my postings are, just think about how angry you would be if a foreign nation had dominance of your home and then condemned you for fighting for what you could very justifyably call 'freedom'. Not everyone sees the world with American consumer eyes. And different people have different interpretations as to the value and nature of human life. Try to relax.
That's the great thing about the net. Dipshits and whackos can get their chance to rant and rave
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