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Just for those who are interested, there is INTEL from some kind of intercepts (probably cell phones) that Bin Lahdden (sp) is at least indirectly and at most directly behind the attacks.

Luther is an ignoramus and doesnt know what he is talking about. The USA is not behind destroying anyones way of life...unless they happen to be despotic dictators or religious fanatics that kill innocent men, women and children. Our policies in the middle east have always been to try and bring peace to a people who have been slaughtering each other for centuries all in the name of "god" Of course they forget the passages in the Koran that forbid the killing of innocents because those are inconvenient to their blood lust.

Bin Lahden(sp) claims to be Muslim but he ignores all the most sacred tennants of the faith, how the morons in the street can support him, is just an example of what happens when you keep the people ignorant and illiterate.

I've vented enough, The USA has had people do some wrong things but no one deserves what happened yesterday. And in a country that shelters a Bin Lahden(sp) there are no truely innocent (except the children) because even the supposedly innocent allow their governments to sponsor a madman.

Disintigration is easy, If you really want to impress me, ReIntegrate it.