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Originally posted by Memnoch:
Do you truly mean this? So now everyone's square, is that what you're saying? America persecutes the world, so they deserve to get 15,000 people killed and they shouldn't complain about it, because they had it coming. Is this what I'm hearing from you?
Certainly not. I know this is an emotional time and anguish is running high (I nearly lost my sister to this, but luckily she was a few blocks away). All I'm saying is that before you condemn the evil of others, you have to realize your own evil (even if you never before saw it as such). A terrible tragedy has occured here, but in order for this sort of thing to not happen again then a SERIOUS look at how America has treated the rest of the world up until now has to be taken. I have a habit of generalizing things, perhaps to an unfair extent, but still. Every action has a reaction.
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