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Originally posted by Kaz:
Have we got proof that it was Afghanistan? And even if it is, there are thousands (heck, millions) of innocent people in Afghanistan, people who had nothing at all to do with this. Blame the government if you want, but don't blame the entire population of the country!

Exactly!!!! You know what is wrong with that little line "and those that harbour them"? As soon as you declare war on a country or nuke them simply because they support the terrorists, you are just as inhuman as the terrorists who attacked and ruined America yesterday. You know what the difference is between the USA and the Middle East terrorists? YOU are the good guys, you still act on morals and ethics. As soon as you lose that (by avenging yourselves on the innocent) they WILL have won! Why do you think it's so hard to be the good guys? Because you just cannot nuke the entire Middle East, even when you know the ones responsible are being harboured there. Because you still have -or should have- enough compassion in your hearts not to wipe out innocent people, even if it would mean you get the terrorists as well. The terrorists HAVE no morals, not a grain of respect for the preciousness of a human life. It makes them no more than beasts.

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