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Am I the only one who likes Bush here?

I cant for the life of me figure out what is wrong with him. Even if he isnt a great speaker (Actually I didnt see anything wrong with the spech) neither was our 'last one' .

He has soo much more morals then Cilton. Sure you can bring up his 'wild college days'. But 95% of college students are wild.

AND atleast he didnt do all the wild stuff IN THE WHITE HOUSE. That insulted all of america. It set the tone for america that we are a bunch of indecent idoits.

If you ganna be president, have some morals.

Now, lets see who all will argue with me on this one..


So if in the forest look behind you, because that where the ranger is going to be

The ranger looked at the place out side of the elven town near the river, he looked near the rocks, then they showed the way ....

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