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Originally posted by 250:
first of all, if he has any prove, he wouldn't public it on TV and let the terroist know "yo, I am coming to get ya!"

secondly, how can he get prove so fast? anyone enlighten me here? give me some first hand information, report or whatever. he is just speaking for speaking's sake. they might have some guesses, but guesses, that is all.

and I am sorry to say, he is NOT a good speaker. I was expecting him to waves, demands justice, be passionate, determinance... anyway, I cannot find any of those words appliable to this guy, expcept "acting"

I honestly wasn't horribly impressed with the speach either, but what can you do? Anyways, you are right, we don't have proof yet. I am sure intelligence has suspicions, but it's probably not any more then that.

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