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Originally posted by Sazerac:
I ask that all members of the Ironworks community who are able to do so light a candle this evening and pray for the United States, that it may find healing in the midst of its sorrow. Pray for the victims of the tragedy and their families, that they may find peace and a higher purpose in the depths of their despair. Pray for a peaceful solution and an end to this violence. Pray for the leaders of this world, that they may be guided to the best solution for all of Humanity. Pray for the souls of those who perpetrated this crime, that their eyes may be opened to what they did and that they can turn away from the path of darkness and evil that they now walk.

I light a candle as I speak this, and will keep it burning until I retire for the evening. I ask you that you pass this on, and do the same.

Thanks, and may thy ways be ever blessed.

Amen.. thank you Saz.. I'll go do that now... tears keep coming as the death toll mounts.. my state , my country is in turmoil.. people in shock.. a city in near chaos.... what we need to focus on is the rescue, the men and women attempting to find the dead and injured and those lost in the battle to date... and say our prayers for them and those lost here and in DC and PA... May God have Mercy on their souls.



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