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Originally posted by 250:
and NO, I am not kissing ass for Moderator!

you don't have to give me a Mod, but if you feel there is a moral need for such an action, then by all means, Memnoch, DON'T hold back!

anyway, some truth be told here:

I always felt "what the hell is wrong with this guy? so cocky!"

then as time past by, I truely saw how he as a moderator maintained the order and most importantly "mutual respect" of this community (should I call this a community? ) anyway, what I see is personal strength, intelligence, dutyful and self-respect here.

you have my respect, Memnoch, and be proud to have you represent us!
Thanks, 250, you're the first person who ever said that to me. It can be a thankless job sometimes but your words are very much appreciated. You've come along in massive leaps and bounds since you first made your way to our community, and we're proud to have you with us, mate!

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