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Oh my ... I just came home and watched the informations on T.V.

My first thought flies to all of you who have relatives or friends who have been hit by this terrible act of war, I know it is no comfort, but I can't say how much I grieve for you. And I can't begin to imagine the distress and anguish of all the people who can't reach their family and friends and thus don't know if they are safe or ...

Wolfie, Gabe, I can't agree with you : this terrible thing has certainly required much planning and money. These mad people who hijacked the planes must have been on US territory for some time, possibly several months, and they have been able to board the planes with weapons. Plus, the fact that they managed to hijack four different planes speaks of long and careful planning - and internal complicity.

My vote goes to the Talibans associated with Bin Laden, but whoever did that monstrous act, I am also terribly afraid of what will happen next. If the real culprits are found, then what ? Will it be only a matter of punishing the small group of culprits, or will it be war ? A mondial war, towards military people and civilians ???

And what if the culprits can't be ascertained ? Will they remain unpunished ? What if punishment is dealt to the wrong target ?

And even if I think that the suggestion of Bush being behind this, or at least kind of aware of it coming, is quite far-fetched, I can't help but feeling very afraid of how he and his government will act in response ...

If this had happened at the times of USSR and the cold war, with the paranoia that happened then, this could very well have ended in a world-wide nuclear war ...


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