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Originally posted by Moni:
I can only mention that it seems to be some coincidence that president Bush "just happened" to be in FL when all this took place and that the airspace around the pentagon is supposed to be closed airspace.
Whether outside forces were physically responsible for the devastation, I cannot help but wonder what inside forces had a hand in the playing of a political game.
A game in which no ones lives but the very highest in rank are considered to be of any importance.

Just my two cents.

I am already "marked" as a radical in this country...why should I be afraid of speaking my mind?

Are you seriously insinuating that this whole thing is some sort of plot by President Bush? The WTC were destroyed, the Pentagon was rather severely damaged, Camp David was almost destroyed. The financial and military nerve centers of this country were horribly damaged, the nation is going to be feeling this for years. We may potentially going to war. And you're saying what? That Bush is using this as some sort of excuse to take over the country?? Preposterous!

BTW...Bush was in Florida for a conference on Education. Something that has been planned for months. So he didn't 'just happen' to be there.
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