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Originally posted by Lord Shield:
The Internet has a lot of conspiracy theories running around at the moment. I find such things funny as there it is pure supposition and has no real proof behind it. My advice would be to forget such things. They can only lead to paranoia

The funniest one I saw was some people claiming it wsa planned in order to raise popularity for the Space Shuttle program ~rolls eyes~-

After investigations which took some time, it was concluded that the space shuttle program knew they were dealing with a faulty design and kept sending the shuttles up because nothing disasterous had yet happened. All of those people involved in the knowledge of the potential for disaster who did nothing to correct it (in order to keep costs low) because of the failure of any tragedies up to that point were all "relieved of their positions" within the space program.

I am sure that proper investigation will pinpoint the responsible parties if they are from foreign or domestic terrorist groups.


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