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Firstly my condolences to all affected by this.

Whoever did this presumably had their own pilots along: I really can't see how you would get a pilot to crash into the world trade centre under duress: if he knew he was going to die, surely he'd ditch the plane in the river.

To me this highlights the possibility of state backing: finding four airline pilots would be difficult for a terrorist group. Could be wrong though: could be that four "pilots" were traind up to a minimal level. I just don't know.

As to Bush? Nah! Having said that (and I honestly don't believe, in a million years that he would even consider it) the finger of suspicion has long pointed at the Russian intelligence services in connection with the mysterious "Chechen" explosions that killed 100's of people in Russian tower blocks shortly before the second Chechen war that co-incidently saw Putin elected.

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