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IMHO, the most likely culprit right now is bin Laden. There is an Arab newspaper that has been reporting out of London that Laden has stated that he will be orchestrating an attack on America of a magnitude never before seen (or something to that effect). He has been, and continues to be, public enemy #1 in the U.S. He seems to hate Americans for being a part of the "Great Satan". Apparently he sees us as the root of all evils in the world and oppressors of Islam/supporters of Judaism. I really don't think that a wack job (a very intelligent wack-job, but still nuts...)like Laden needs any more reason than that to commit such a vast atrocity. As for his folks...they seem to feel that if they die by killing Americans (the so-called "enemies" of Allah), then they are dying in the service of Allah and will therefore be rewarded with everlasting life in his realm.

Here's what I see happening soon... I really don't see our Commander-in-Chief reacting to this act of atrocity in a calm and rational manner. As bin Laden has apparently been hiding in Afghanistan for some time...I fully expect Afghanistan to be reduced to rubble in a matter of a couple of weeks. I do not doubt that we already have carriers and frigates loaded up with Marines on their way to the closest port. I'm also forseeing a couple of Army heavy brigades being dropped in-country and mowing down everything in their way.

That's just my take...but I think that it is feasible. Someone will pay...and whether they are the culpable party or not, the Taliban controlled Afghanistan will most likely suffer the consequences of harboring bin Laden.


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