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OKI, in the state of mind that Memnoch started here.. These are just specualations..

1. I think the attack was an attack to show that even smaller fundamentalist/or extremist anti-US and democracy countries of similiar minds are voulnerable.
Also this was meant to hurt US in their prime, the capaitalist head-town.

2. A reaction that has builed up during many years of hatred and war against the US. For example, the middle east extremists and US has been in and out of conflicts with each other. Numerous attacks has been made before.

3. A fanatic attack to unite and encourage more similiar attacks against the western world. Some Islamic (Bin Laden for example) has said in interbiews that all of Islam should jopin in and attack and go to war to US and its allies. I.E alot of democratic countries.

OK, these are just speculations that first comes to mind. ANother idea might also be the Tallibabs that have US as their "satan" as well. I hope you read my post as a speculation. The word Islam appears here, and I want you to know that I aim my speculations to thoose fanatics and extremists their.

ALso again. Im so sorry US for this. It is a blow to the face of democratic worlds that leads a war against terrorsim. My thoughts are with you this terrible day.


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