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I must preface this- I'm sad, profoundly sad, and in shock. I know Hugh is ok, but have no word on other friends there.

Whatever terrorist group or government is responsible may or may not take the credit. Thing is, if any group does, they know they will be hunted down, no holds barred, and prosecuted. They may be domestic or foreign, we just don't know yet.

NO, I do not suspect any US Government conspiracy to kill thousands of it's own people!! And Bush needs to stay focused, this is a CATASTROPHE of great magnitude. I heard reported by a correspondent traveling with him that his eyes were red- apparently he'd cried. God Bless all officials who must make the decisions now. It is a tragic time for everyone involved, but the burdens for them will be great for some time to come.

I don't know who did this, but I do know they have no care for life, their own or anyone elses. Several of them died in the attacks. I guess they figured it was a small number, worth the dying ... but to me, all the dead are to be mourned.

I'm sure the Towers and the Pentagon were chosen as symbolic targets. If any more are hit, they will no doubt also be symbolic. Whoever did it, chose them to make a point or several. America is NOT immune to terorism. We have long thought we couldn't see such things on our soil, but we have been shocked awake and I think our lives will never be the same again.



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