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Originally posted by trux:
whew...finally, my mother got word from my dad. he's still in D.C., dealing with a car bomb that went off near the courthouse. he could only speak for a few moments, but told my mother that D.C. appears as if it's a war zone.

Glad to hear that you finally heard from your mom (and Dad). I heard about that car bomb on the radio on my way home, but it was at that time unconfirmed. I've been hearing also about another plane that went down earlier. My mother said she heard on the news that it went down and an "undisclosed" area, which makes you wonder why so secret? Then a friend of mine just told me that this plane was flying in the air above the Potomac that would not identify itself, and the military shot it down into the Potomac. So far I have not heard personally myself any confirmation on either of these "rumors". Keeping an eye out on the news on that.

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