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Originally posted by Redblueflare:
Why would anyone do a thing like this? Why would you hijack a plane and send it crashing into the World Trade center. If you have a problem with the american government. Deal with the american government. Don't kill innocent people. This was organized, the terrorists had to be planning this for a long time. Think about it, how in the world did a plane get to the Pentagon. That is closed air space. I feel for anyone's family who lives in New York, or was riding one of those planes. This is terrible.

To disable the nerve centers of our greatest financial (WTC) and military (pentagon) structures gives terrorists "points" toward disabling the country. They obviously (from taking a look at the original WTC bombing and Oklhoma City) don't care about human lives, esp those that they connect with giving this country financial and military power.
I hate to say this but it was a smart move on their part, for what they do. It was wrong for pentagon security to be looking the other way (esp if the air around the pentagon is in fact, closed air space) when it happened.
But, as far as NYC goes, what could be done to stop it? Nothing...if the buildings were smaller, the destruction would be more widespread.
It is terrible that so many tens of thousands of people had to suffer but our government has known for many years, the hatred from other countries as well as some of our own citizens against the way this country is run and held so high as a great nation when it is bent on the destruction of the ground that supports it in its efforts to become even greater. No one has done anything to disable terrorists...we even have treaties preventing us from executing them.
Something like this was bound to happen.

Here is Georgie's opportunity to show what a "strong" leader he is. Is it a coincidence that he just happened to be in FL when it all happened? Look at what his daddy did to gain notoriety for himself with Desert Storm. Who knows, but it is obvious, our lives matter none, not just to the terrorists but by "some of our leaders" as well.

Pray for the world on this day. We are all going to need it.


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