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Originally posted by Istaron:
So, some people did this and injured/killed probally thousands of innocent people. A war would mean that thouasands of innocent people on the other "side", who didn't had anything with this to do (it is true, all palestinians are not terrorists), will be killed and raped. Is retailiation really right then?
I'm sure this is a retorical question here, and I agree with the answer.

For America, it's a choice between bad things. Ignore the attacks despite the pressure, and terrorists will think they can get away with what they do. Launch a full scale war against the home country of whoever did this, be it with infantry and tanks or by bombing, and millions of people will die (especially if the country has an A-bomb somewhere. You attack us? Go ahead. We launch our bomb and it'll do more damage than you can do to our smaller country), probably on both sides. Or, hunt down the terrorist organisation (just try to get to all members. English and Irish people can tell you about the IRA). The latter is, in my opinion, the best option, but I dislike the idea. And getting the leader will be imposible. Somehow the leaders always manage to stay safe while innocents die.

I wish it never happened (but I know that's in vain)

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