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Originally posted by Diogenes Of Pumpkintown:
Declare war on who?

Calm down, people. Hysteria is not the answer.

It may be days, weeks, months, or even years before we can determine who is responsible.

As Avatar points out, after the Oklahoma City bombing everyone was quick to assume that it was the work of international terrorists. It turned out that Americans were responsible.

It is important to not overreact out of hysteria. One of the goals of terroism is precisely to sow internal confusion and hasty mistakes as a result. Don't let them win by losing your heads.

Thanks for backing me there. I know US citizens will be pretty distressed and mad for revenge. But let's calm down. It's very likely to be a Arab attack. Due to the organizationa and scale and suicidal methods. But nothing is certain. Extreme Anarchist, Anti-capitalist and Enviromentalists are all possible candidates.

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