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Originally posted by Memnoch:
There are 3 techniques:

1. Stay on for 12 hours a day on weekends slaving away to get your numbers up like Memnoch
2. Be like Cloud and post 5 responses at once, one for each thought.
3. Be like Tobbin, create a thread and carry on a conversation to yourself!!!

Ye forgot a few points there Memny!
4. Ignore the thread topic at hand and just post a reply of some sort about anything you want to write.
5. Repeat 4. on every topic on this whole board and do it often.
6. Gain the ability to work around your posts with the use of smilies and various other gifs like these:
7. Always have an opinion on what the others are saying, even though you don't know a thing about it.

If you keep these things in mind you'll have a very good basic foundation to become a world class spammer!

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