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Jeez, this still doing the rounds

I've tried to find the original as there were a lot of funny posts by a lot of people on there and some may like to read the "whole" thread. I also happen to think it transposed better in the old style but what the heck, it's nice to see it at the top of the "bestsellers" list still. Thanks to ALL you guys who made writing this piece of shite worthwhile in the first place.

JJ I'm considering your request but don't have time to properly rip the piss out of it yet. I shall return and with an equally shite proposition for you at some stage. I have some outstanding shite enquiries on the old thread too that also require laughing at and hopefully I should be able to offload some of my shitier shite to those foolish or mentally deficient enough to want to deal with me on anything greater than a frivolous or insincere manner...fingers crossed.

Turbo, Stealth, Cloudbringer and guys are the best.

One love, peace.
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