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The previous night.

Elsewhere – The Forest

“Dogs!” The first says.

“Three dogs!” Growls the second.

“Food!” Says the first.

“Good!” The second snarls.

“Eat now!” The two say together.

Already the wounds received from the small one’s weapon have been forgotten. The man himself lies between the broken boards that had once been the north wall of his dwelling – the bones of his own body snapped like so many dry sticks. They are hungry and so they forget even to plunder this wooden dwelling for the bright and shiny things their eyes prize. What good are bright shinies compared to a dog? To three dogs?

The barking and howling of the hounds falls to whimper. Large hands reach forward. Necks are snapped. Drooling lips curl upward in greedy smiles. Two for later – one for each. And one for now. Three.

“Mine!” Snarls the first.

“No! Mine!” Shouts the second.

“Me get brains this time!” Insists the first.

“No! Brains mine! Me no want tail!” Argues the second.

With a sickening snap the body of the largest hound is torn apart.

“Smart!” Laughs the first.

“Cleh-vur!” Agrees the second.

“You get right side!” Says the first.

“You get left side!” Says the second.

“Good!” The two say together and the feasting begins.
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