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Originally posted by Kaleban:
Maybe its just me, but I'm sort of a purist, and a mod like TDD which adds items, kits and other stuff sort of detracts from the original scope of the game.

I haven't played it yet, that's just my initial reaction. I do play Counter-Strike, but that's a TC mod, which I usually have no problems with, whereas TDD is more of an expansion.

Anyways, is it possible for someone to make a chain weapon with a double-Halberd range or something? That would kick arse!

P.S. If they had been implemented in the original game, then perhaps we'd have a more diverse group of oriental weapons and armor. I see no bamboo armor, samurai scalloped plate, or cord armor...

I think you fail to see that most of those items are almost unheard of in the western edge of the forgotten realms (this side of maztica) and only seen in Kara-Tur, which is on the far eastern side, 1/2 a world away.

While it is possible for things (and characters) like that to show up (look at Yoshimo), it would be an extreme rarity, perhaps one of the reasons there are so few decent katanas, as most of the really awesome ones stay in Kara-Tur, I think the programmers kept in mind that some things like the katanas would be alot easier to import to that location of the Realms, as well as implement into the game, besides there are plenty of kits for most purists and as has already been stated, if you're not happy with what's being offered download TDD and play one.

besides if they brought ninja's in there would be no need for an assassin, as they are almost identical in purpose (usually).

just my $.02
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