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Originally posted by hagimihale:

...Do the math: 96 x 23,000+, then divided by 6 = approximately 375,000 experience points per character. Yes its cheezy, I didnt plan to just give each character over a third of a million exp. But I'm still laughing about it now.

Anyone else beat this or come close?[/QB]

I got this tip from:

During the unseeing eye quest, you have the choice to kill that unseeing eye straight out or use the complete rod for an easy fight. Personally, I think the unseeing eye is an easy fight with or without the complete rod. Besides, the first choice gives you unlimited exp if you're quick. After you have the half rod from the lost avatar, you can go straight to Gall, the cult leader. Have one of your man stand right next to Gall. Pause immediately right after the dialog and Gall should still appear friendly. Talk to him again and you get another 75,000 exp. You can do this as many time as you want. My best try is 14 times.

Remember to put Minsc away, because he starts to attack Gall after Gall no matter what (He killed Gall while he's still friendly...). Also remember to talk to the man beside the pit before you do this or else you won't be able to enter the pit for the other half rod.

I only did it about 6-7 times (enough to level everybody up one level). Just make sure you hit the Pause quickly enough, because Gall will attack you as soon as the conversation is over otherwise.
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