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Originally posted by SookmaCook:
1. Yes this is a spoiler... apology accepted, but i cant say as much about anyone elses reactions to it...
2. One sentance?? Couldnt u use better grammar and make it several sentances??
3. This problem could be caused by ur CD getting overheated... Save just before the game crashes, And stop playing fpr a while... MAKE SURE THE CD IS OUT OF THE DRIVE...
After about an hour or so, u should be able to do this again... otherwise, download the latest patch- this could be a bug...
if it comes to the patch, go to and follow the links to th Bg2 official site, and and see which patch sounds like it will fix ur problem.

Come on, Sookma.
Give the guy a break! He is totally new here, and this isnt a good first-impression for him.




This is a typical bug. As SookmaCook said, try to download some bugfixes from either Baldurdash or Interplay.

see ya!
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