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Gotta disagree Memnoch, as the number of spells per spell level aren't nearly as necessary as you might think.

For example, how many mages would memorize Detect Invisibility, when they have True Sight available? Once you get the Staff of the Magi, do you ever use PfE or any Invisibility spells ever again? What about Vocalize and Non-Detection?

A Sorcerer can be as versatile as a mage if you know what you're doing. How many times has the average BG2 player used Improved Mantle as a realistic defense? Or some of the more standardized attack spells like Lightning Bolt.

Here's the thing, a Sorcerer can still cast spells from scrolls, and use all wands. Now does it make more sense to memorize 3 Cloudkills, or just pack a Cloudkill wand with 50 charges? Which can also be used within a PfM sphere! The Wand of Fire makes memorizing Fireball or Aganazzar's Scorcher obsolete as well.

Properly equipped (and most of the "main" Sorc/Mage equipment can be acquired before or during Chapter 3) a Sorcerer has all of the benefits of his/her class with none of the disadvantages. And that IS power!
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