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Mages are much more versatile than sorcerers, although it may not seem so at first glance. This is because the mage has access to a greater range of spells and let's face it, you can rest and memorize spells for a specific situation anyway. Mages are essential for any party as they can learn and memorize utilitarian spells like knock, wizard eye, etc. A sorcerer is more of a battlemage - they are best used as support mages (artillery mages I call them) with key offense spells like abidalzims, fireball, etc. where they can cast a large number of these spells in a fight. You can also use them as your antimage mage and get them to learn antimage spells like Warding Whip, Ruby Ray, Pierce Magic, Breach etc. They can easily disable the spell defenses of an entire party of enemy spellcasters. But you wouldn't want to waste one of their spell slots on a spell that you will not use that often, like a divination spell. They are battlemages, pure and simple.

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