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Originally posted by Kaleban:
All in all, a Sorcerer sacrifices the versatility of spell scribing and number of spells to receive the versatility of casting what spells he/she does know at any time! And as most people will tell you, a Sorcerer can quite capably solo on Insane difficulty with very little trouble if you know what you're doing.

Bingo, Kaleben has given a good answer and this is indeed the gist of the thing.

Versality in spell memorisation versus versality in spell usage.

To give you one scenerio where the Sorcerer excels, I shall use my PRATI tactic as an example.

If a Mage casts a Project Image and starts unleashing his spells, it is a good tactic but wait! He still has Mirror Image memorised, Stoneskin, Spell Trigger, etc... the memorisation of these spells has limited his potential spell output. He can still deal a lot of devastation but now let us take a look at the Sorcerer.

When the Sorcerer does the same thing, he does need to worry about the presence of the Mirror Image, Stoneskin, Spell Trigger, etc... he can cast 6 Melf's Acid Arrows if he so desires, and 6 attack spells from each spell level until he exhuasts his entire spell stock. This is the magic version of NUCLEAR HELL.

Oh, and another tactic which is better used with a Sorcerer. Cast Project Image and repeatedly cast Wish until you get the option to get the option to rest and rememorise all spells. Can a Mage do this? Sure... but he does not have the luxury of casting it 6 times in a row if necessary as he most likely has only memorised one Wish; and not only that, but how many Project Images will a Mage memorise? A Sorcerer can do this 6 x 6 times assuming no equipment. Thanks to this, I have yet to press the Z button or click on the rest button in ToB with my solo Sorcerer.
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