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Most of the time, people have experience with the spells before going over to a Sorcerer.

You'll probably find yourself using no more than 5-8 distinct spells of each level anytime during your mages career. This is the secret behind Sorcerers.

You can cast any of the spells you know at ANY time under any circumstances as long as you have the "castings" left to do so. Much like the Channeler in Tome of Magic. There are many spells in SoA that i would consider "fluff" spells, such as Sleep (everyone saves against this!), the extremely short duration Mantle spells, most of the elemental summoning spells (that 3-round concentration with 15% chance of it going hostile is retarded, and they're not that strong anyway), etc. There are many spells that duplicate the effects of other spells, take for example Secret Word and Ruby Ray of Reversal. By the time you need a spell capable of removing spell protections, your Sorcerer should have access to Ruby Ray, which completely makes useless Secret Word.

There's also only a few REAL good summon spells in both SoA and ToB. Combine Greater malison with Web, then start Spider Spawning. Add in Skeleton Warriors (level 15) which are 95% magic resistant, and you have a very capable strike force. With Staff of the magi, you have unlimited invisibility and Protection from Evil, so don't pick any type of invisibility spell, or PfE. You can choose a Demon Summon if you wish, but I recommend waiting for Gate to get the Pit Fiend, there are more useful spells in the 7 and 8 range.

All in all, a Sorcerer sacrifices the versatility of spell scribing and number of spells to receive the versatility of casting what spells he/she does know at any time! And as most people will tell you, a Sorcerer can quite capably solo on Insane difficulty with very little trouble if you know what you're doing.
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