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Originally posted by Melusine:
Well, not really, so either play a thief yourself or take Jan/Imoen to take care of thieving. It is entirely possible to have Imoen as your sole thief, I have completed TOB with her without problems.

There is a kind of cheesy way to keep Yoshimo though, if you REALLY insist, but you need to have an old save from before you went to spellhold.

While in Athkatla, go into a building (I usually use the Copper Coronet) and kick Yoshimo out of your party. Make sure he stands near the door. Leave. Go to Spellhold, make the journey back (you will have to play a part of the game without him, this cannot be helped). As soon as you return to Athkatla, go to the Cooper Coronet. As soon as you enter, hit pause. Now press the dialogue button to talk to Yoshi and unpause. Pick the dialogue option to accept him back into your party. He will die as soon as you finish talking, but since he is now a member of your party, you will be able to resurrect him!

Pretty good, Melusine.(tip o' the hat)For an Anomen lover.
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