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Never happened to me, neither of them, so I cannot help. Probably some glitch, maybe the patch or some fix from Baldurash may help.

I used once to have some weird issue with the De'Arnise Keep. Namely that no matter what I did, it got always overrun by trolls again. Basically I went in, cleared the whole place from cellars to roof, tripple checked it all and then got the keep to myself. It was mine, i.e. the picture showed the fixed castle and all that. I left the castle, came back after couple of days and dang, there it was in ruins again and trolls in it! Cleared the whole place, got it back, went outside, slept there and when I woke up, guess what? Trolls were back in. When I slept inside it was mine, but as soon as I left the area - i.e. left the castle, it was gone again. Beats me what it was, I had some extensive mailing going on with 2 guys from Bioware during that time too. They were working back then on the beta release of the first patch. After bunch of time, the patch was released, so I reinstalled the game and applied the patch and never had the issue again.

I am not sure though if the patch fixed it, since I play right now the un-patched version of BG2 (only the fixpacks from Baldurash are on) and I never had this issue again. Guess it was some weird glitch. Much like your dissapearing Hendak or Glacias, what I never had.. Basically apply the patches, check the Baldurash for additional fixes, that may help. If not, uninstall and reinstall and check again.
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