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*sigh* I wish it was as simple as scripting or applying spell effects. The only effect that comes close to actually getting rid of proficiencies, HP and abilities is level drain. The default is 89000 XP and I wanna start lower without level draining.

Messing with stats is not the same. Spell effects can change almost any stat but that is not what I want. After all, how can I know what to reduce the stats to? It would not be random HP if I did that. I could make a huge script that looks at class, applies spell effects to remove abilities and stats based on class and removes XP as well.
But it is easier just to set the starting XP.

All versions do have a different offset for XP. You could have told me that could you? Hmmmm.....
I will still try and make my universal patcher.....the value 89000 only turns up once in the whole file and so can be found and the offset stored in a log file.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement....of course I'll let everyone know when it's'll be a while yet... (we are after all scrapping the whole storyline and making a new one)
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